Solidworks Exploded view tutorial

Task: Exploded View

Taking apart an assembly to view individual components.

Open the Assembly files of previous post.if you don't have go to the Tutorial # 5 and make it.For this tutorial/task, the assembly you see here is coloured to help you understand.
solidWorks complete tutorials

Now, start by clicking on Exploded View. Click on the crank shaft. You will notice that a new tool appears as soon as you select the part. This is the manipulator that moves your component either approximately (by dragging one of the arrows) or exactly (by using the left hand column to set measurements)
Try dragging the crankshaft using one of the arrows, or the tool itself by dragging the ball at the vertex of the three arrows. As soon as you move it, the column will automatically add a step to the explode view. Move it along the blue arrow (z-axis) and green arrow (y-axis).

Go to the column marked steps. Right click on Explode Step 1. Edit Step. If you scroll down, you’ll see a box labeled settings. Modify D1 to 1000mm. Click Done. Now the crankshaft has been displaced exactly 1m away from its initial position. Delete Explode Step 2.
To move the pistons, we’ll use the Z-axis and the X-axis.

Select the left most Piston Coupler. Notice that the settings automatically choose the ideal axis for movement. Press CTRL and select all 4 couplers.

solidWorks complete tutorials

Move them by 800mm along the Z-axis. Click Done. 

Move all the pistons by 500mm.

Now to spread them out. Move the leftmost and right most pistons and couplers by 150mm. And the middle ones by 50mm. Pay attention to the direction and the axis it is using.

solidWorks complete tutorials

Here is the End of this basic tutorial series.In coming posts we will see some complex assemblies and parts.Hope you understand each and everything very well...
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