Tutorial # 3: SolidWorks advance Tools

In this tutorial we will see some Advance tools of solidworks. How to use chamfer and fillet.offset and move entities.

Task 1: Move Entity, Offset, Circular Pattern:

First Create a circle of 200mm diameter and extrude it by 30mm. Select Chamfer, Select the Top circular face, and set value to 20mm, angle of 45 degrees. Your object should look something like this:

Select the top surface, in top view. Draw a circle on the origin, 20mm dia.
Select Move Entities, and select the circle you drew. Set value for Y movement to 40mm. Your circle should look something like this:

Select the circle again, use offset entities, and set value to 5mm. You shall see a slightly larger circle around your existing entity. Extrude it by 5mm. Your object should look something like this:

Click on View, Temporary Axis. Now click on Circular Pattern. If you rotate the disc you will see a light dotted line going through the center of the disc. This is its central axis around which it will revolve.
Select this axis. Then select the ring. As soon as you do, you will see previews of multiple entities going in a circular pattern.

In the parameters box, check (and edit if necessary) 360 Degrees and 6 copies, and equal spacing should be checked. Click OK.

Task 2: 3D Sketch and Swept Boss/Base

Start with a new part. Click on 3D sketch. Draw a line 100mm long. Notice that while you are using the line tool, there is a small XY next to your cursor. This shows the current plane the drawing is being made in. Pressing the TAB key changes the planes you are working in. Draw the following shape.

Note that all lines are at 90 degrees; Visualize it as a ledge or a step. Hint: XY, XY, XY, YZ, XY, XY, XY
Locate the Sketch Fillet Tool. This rounds off sharp corners by the specified radius. The greater the radius, the more rounded the corner would become. Set fillet value to 20mm Select all intersecting nodes and click OK. Exit the Sketch.

Select the Right Plane, Click on Sketch (Not 3D Sketch) and create a circle at the origin with a diameter of 20mm. Exit the Sketch.

Now select Swept Boss / Base,
Profile -> Circle
Path -> 3D Sketch
Click OK

Rotate the Model to show you both circular ends. Click on Shell, select both circles, set value of Shell to 2mm, and click OK.

Task 3: Fillet, Linear Pattern:

Create a rectangle in top plane, of 150mm by 50mm. Extrude it by 10mm.
Click on Fillet. Set value to 25, Select this line:

Repeat for all 4 lines. Select OK. Now draw a circle of 20mm dia at the center of the object you created. Use Centerlines to help you locate the center.

Use Move Entities to move the object by -50mm.
Extrude Cut the circle. Select the hole you created, click on Linear Pattern. Set D1 to 25mm, and number of instances to 5

Finally that is the End of this tutorial.Its quit long but i hope you learned a lot.
You can download all these files in solidworks format by Entering your E-mail address.The download will automatically starts.Some additional files are also included.So test and modify and get yourself to the next level..

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