Tutorial # 1: Introduction to solidworks basic sketching

Concept of Drawing Planes:

In this tutorial we will draw some basic shapes to understand how SolidWorks views 2-Dimensional Drawings.
First Open SolidWorks. Your main screen would look different depending on the version you are
using. However, all the tools covered in this tutorial are present in all versions of SW currently

·       Click on SKETCH
·       Select FRONT PLANE
·       Start by drawing a long centerline vertically.
·       From the bottom end of the line you just drew, draw a line horizontally.
·       Click to end line.
·       Notice that a new line starts where you finished the first line from. Join the line back to the center line we made.

A line in SolidWorks consists of three main points of reference. The two end points and the mid-point.
Make sure that your line isn’t joined to the top end point or the mid-point of the center line.

·       Use smart dimensions to first measure the horizontal line. Modify it to 40mm.
·       Use smart dimensions to measure the slant line. Modify it to 80mm.
·       When measuring slant lengths, SolidWorks offers you three different readings based on how you move your cursor.

·       Now that we have the required references, we can complete the left side of the triangle. References are useful for making shapes that are unique.

Using what you’ve learned, construct the following shapes.
Shape 1:

Note: Start with a rectangle. Delete the two 50mm lines (click on them, and press delete). Using a 3-point Arc Tool, draw the outer semi circle. (Notice how SolidWorks automatically calculates the center of the arc). Use that center to create a 30mm Circle on each end.

Shape 2:

Note: All lines are at 90 degrees to each other. Start by making one line, adjust its measurement, then make the next line.

In next Tutorial we will see 3-D models in solidworks.
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