solidWorks complete tutorials

Introduction to 3D model:

In this Tutorial we will see the the basic 3-D part and its engineering Drawing.So let's start moving from 2-D to 3-D.The function we will cover in this tutorial are Extrude Feature,that is used for Extrusion of the sketch.It basically convert 2-D into 3-D shape.

So let's begin shaping in 3-D.
·       Start with New > New Part
·       Click on Extrude Boss / Base. The Sketch Toolbar will open automatically. Select the Top Plane in main window

·       Create the following figure:
solidWorks complete tutorials

·       Click Exit Sketch.
·       The sketch rotates into an isometric view. Notice the yellowish figure. That is a preview of what your sketch will look like after Extruding.

SolidWorks lets you modify dimensions in two ways. Try dragging the arrow in the middle of the object either up or down. If you need more precise control in the “Direction 1” Box (on the left) modify the value of D1. Notice this value is in mm.
·       For now, check to see if D1 is 10mm. If not, set it as 10mm.
·       Click on the green check mark. Your final object should look something like this.

Usually, in the case of simple shapes such as the one above, SolidWorks can guess which places are holes and which are solid.

TASK: Cut!

·       Start with the following drawing:
solidWorks complete tutorials

Using what you learned in the previous tutorial, Extrude the following drawing by 30mm.
Select the following surface and click on Extruded Cut.
Using the View Orientation menu, select Top View to make drawing easier.
The Following circle’s center is in the middle of the top and bottom edge (15mm) and 15mm      
        away from the left edge. Use centerlines. Exit Sketch once you’ve made it.

solidWorks complete tutorials

·       Choose “Through All” from the drop down menu.
·       Repeat Steps and create a hole on the right side as well. Same spacing.
·       Save file as Tutorial 2.

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