Wi-fi to Li-fi

Just imagine for a second what if the smart phone we are using works with the speed of 100 times faster.Imagine that the time we spend on downloading and uploading can be done with in a second.imagine that the everything in your room is connected to the world of automation with in your access.imagine that we are connected with the world from the depth of the sea to far from the sky.do we actually want this? i think yes.but don't you think that the world is moving more faster and you are a bit slower.don't worry the technology i'm talking about today will turn your lives to the fast track of smart moving future world.i hope you are pretty much aware about this technology but what i'm going to discuss today that is how actually it works what is the phenomena behind this what are the advantages ,drawback and how it can bring a change in the world.yes..I'm talking about :Li-Fi .

Before how it works what is acutally this term lifi defines.Li-Fi stands for Light Fidelity.Instead of accessing the Internet wirelessly using radio frequencies, like Wi-Fi does, we use the visible light spectrum. the communication through the light.It’s a very exciting technology that has been on our radar for a few years now.Li-Fi is also known as visible light communications (VLC) technology.Professor Harald Hass is the founder and researcher of this teachnology.

How it works:

The way that Li-Fi works is that we use LED lights and turn them into wireless transmitters,”

For example, data is fed into an LED light bulb (with signal processing technology), it then sends data at rapid speeds to the photo-detector (photodiode).
The tiny changes in the rapid dimming of LED bulbs is then converted by the 'receiver' into electrical signal.its a quit simple concept.

It is the fastest and cheapest wireless communication systems and is the optical version of the Wifi.
  • Does not create interference in sensitive electronics, making it better for use in environments like hospitals and aircraft.
  • •Underwater communications: Since radio waves cannot be used under water because these waves are strongly absorbed by sea water within feet of their transmission and this renders it unusable underwater but LIFI is suitable for underwater communication 
  • •Internet anywhere: street lamps, light of vehicles can be used to access internet anywhere in footpaths, roads, malls, anywhere where light source is available.
  • Cost - Instead of running close to a mile worth of cable, the LED-powered Li-Fi connection could be used to beam the information directly to the destination.
  • energy efficiency, intrinsic security, high data rate capability, signal blocking by walls and integrated networking capability.


  • Internet access is limited to the area where the light shines.
  •  The light waves cannot penetrate walls.

Conclusion:The future of Li-Fi
As we have seen many of aspects of this technology.The possibilities are numerous and can be explored further. it can be perfectly applicable in many fields buut also have drawbacks.but it is much effiecient than wifi.Amazing Fact about Li-Fi is
Every light source in homes and offices could potentially be a “Li-Fi” within 20 years. 
When this technology becomes feasible like the Wifi, then our life will be awesome on earth.