how to design a Robot chassis with omni wheels

Design a Robot Chassis

In this article we will see how to design a robot chassis.Robot design depends on the required specification.If we are designing the chassis of Line following Robot our dimensions should not be much larger.so we have some requirements about the size and dimensions.mostly the small and smart sizes are preferred for making obstacle avoiding or line following robot.But if we are making something big..like a Rescue robot the design will be much different either in look and in size as well.
Here we are making the design for Soccer playing Robot or you can say Pick and place robot.The robot can move  6-DOF.The omni directional robot have the ability to move almost in all directions.
So here we will see the design of an omni directional robot.
The are two main types of material used for Robot kits.
  1. Acrylic sheets
  2. Aluminium sheets

Acrylic Sheet (base)

We can use other but these are the preferred materials.Acrylics sheets are nearly less costly as compared to aluminium sheets.
We have to design the base of robot from acrylic sheet which is cut by using laser cutting
machine. The shape of base is circle having the diameter of 250mm and the upper portion is
about 230mm.The upper two wheels are at the angle of 35dergree from centre and the lower two wheels are at the angle of 45 degree. This design gives the drag to the robot when moving forward and also a movement in the respective angle. The thickness of acrylic sheet is about 5mm we choose acrylic because it is light weight and its cutting is less expensive then the metal.

robot base design for omni wheel robot.details about making robot design.

Aluminium Chassis

Aluminium is little costly then acrylic.we only use aluminium base or complete chassis when we need strength.when we need strong body that can carry high weight and could not damage by collision and hitting.

Below is the sketch Diagram of the Robot that i have designed for a Soccer Robot.The two plates of aluminium one is the base of the robot and other is the top covering.The diameter is 28 cm.These designs are made using SolidWorks.
how to design robot chassis.complete detail about making robot chassis for omni wheel robot.
Robot chassis design for omni wheel robot.soccer robot design with complete details and sketch files

Here is the Final look of these sketch:

Aluminium chassis design for soccer robot.robot design for robocup.

See the final look of Robot:

soccer robot design with complete details and sketch files.making chassis for robocup robot

soccer robot chassis.robot for robocup.complete chassis design information with sketch files

Soccer robots for robocup.design of robots.details of making robot chassis

I hope You liked it.You can Download files in pdf by Entering your E-mail address.
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